ERP for small business

Small business makes up the heart of American business and is the lifeblood of our economy. Statistics show the 89% of businesses in the United States have less than 20 employees. Small businesses have a unique challenge of managing all the challenges on a day to day basis. Many times people have different responsibilities and can be stretched in what they can accomplish. How can the small business entrepreneur get ahead in today’s markets?

With the advent of the internet in recent years, new systems and tools have become available for the small business owner that weren’t possible previously. The internet makes it possible to use great software systems that can be the backbone of your business without investing in expensive infrastructure. A business doesn’t need to spend money on computers and servers to run their business and can rely more on simple computer devices and a good internet connection. There is less need for investment in large IT infrastructure. The “Cloud” opens up new opportunities for businesses.

There are plenty of high cost software systems in the market that can help run your company. It may be the reason that many small business choose to remain on the sidelines and not use technology to their benefit. Some of these require customization and can be expensive. Many systems are unique in their design that can help keep the costs down and can be very affordable to use in a small business. Modius360 has the goal to make your decision to use an ERP system easier and affordable. At $20 for each licensed per user, the possibilities to use technology for small businesses are more readily available.

A small business needs to work effectively as a team to stay competitive. Communication between managers and employees is more critical than ever. Modius360 makes tracking processes in a production environment very seamless and easy. The information available to a manager can help make the difference in how you work together in your organization.

We encourage you to consider the advantages your business can have by using Modius360.

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